Manuel Wenger – DOP / 1974

Manuel started his career as a Lighting Designer for the Stage Lamp Theater in Vienna with clients like Disney, PRG, Raimund Theater and the Vienna State Opera. After a year in Los Angeles as a consultant for Disney imageneering for large format projections and Lighting Operator for Paramount Pictures on projects like “Haunted House” and “Buffy – The Vampire Slayer”, Manuel returned to Europe and moved to Munich. He worked as a studio consultant at Sachtler Munich but soon decided to change back to the creative side of production. He started his work as a DOP in 2004. In 2005 he worked for the first time with Renato and since then they are a creative team.

If the aim of an illusionist is to convince the observer that the impossible has happened, he must not reveal the methods of achieving it. His skill is his invisible techniques, which convinces the audience.

“I have the same objective in my work as Director of Photography; the technique must be sufficiently skillfull to hide the fabrication of reality from the audience and create motion pictures which moves the audience emotionally.”

Shooting skills:  35mm. Alexa, Red (own Epic Equipment), Sony F65, F55, DSLRs, Highspeed, Helicopter, Octocopter, Car Rigs & Chasing Vehicles, Visual Effects, MoVI

Languages:  German – English